Thursday, May 7, 2009

Inspiration Take 1

Today was just one of those unbelievably poignant synchronistic days when everything happens for a reason - and not just any reason... but like, a really perfect reason. Two puzzle pieces that looked bizarre on their own.

For the last week, I have been meaning to make my friend, Joseph, a cake in thanks for helping us out with a rooster issue. But for as much as I had all the ingredients out on the counter... waiting for inspiration and the time necessary to follow through and not rush... I had not been able to muster the muse to get it done.

But, as it turns out, there was a real, universal reason for my procrastination.
I definitely wanted to deliver it before we left for a long trip out of town... so as Thursday blossomed into being, I decided I would get it done. I loved making that cake. I did not dread it as I would a chore. It meant something to me to hand him something from my heart.
So, the carrot cake came into the world from my heart... and was decorated with a heart.
I also decided to put two squiggly candles, interlocking at the center of a heart in the middle which I simply drew out with a knife.

I smiled.

It was 4pm. Exercise class was past his house at 6pm, so I called and left a message that I would be dropping it off then.

And I did.

Joseph was thrilled and so appreciative of it for a deeper reason than a reciprocal "thank you"... it was his birthday... and he had no cake for the night.


Truly... the universe spoke, and I listened. I did not judge myself for putting it off. It was for a reason. I did not force myself to "get it out of the way". I waited for inspiration.

And it came at just the right time.

The perfect time, in fact.

I'm going on vacation with a floaty heart and clear mind - with the love of my life.